My Thoughts On Jussie Smollett a.k.a. “Juicy Smoo-yay”

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett-who’s perhaps best known for his role on the show Empire-was recently indicted on six felony counts by a grand jury, including lying to police and disorderly conduct. The indictment stems from Jussie (allegedly) fabricating a “hate crime” he claimed was perpetuated against himself over a year ago.

For those few who still don’t know what transpired, Jussie Smollett claimed that in January of 2019 as he was walking home from none other than Subway at two or three in the morning (on the coldest day in Chicago, by the way), he was attacked by two MAGA hat-wearing white guys who, among other things, hung a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him while shouting at him, “This is MAGA country!”


Even though his story had more holes in it than the plot to a Disney Star Wars flick, the media and those on “woke” social media sites like-where else!-Twitter rushed to Jussie’s “defense” and denounced anyone who dared question the, uh-hum, validity of his story as-you guessed it!-RACIST. For instance, GMA host Robin Roberts by-now-infamously said to Jussie after he told his, uh-hum, harrowing tale, and I quote, “That’s beautiful, Jussie!”

Cringe alert!

Jussie’s story began to unravel when two Nigerian brothers came out and claimed Jussie had paid them a few thousand bucks to “pretend” to be said MAGA hat-wearing white guys whom Jussie insisted had assaulted him (on the coldest night in Chicago, BTW). Charges were filed against Smollett and then inexplicably dropped by state’s attorney Kim Foxx citing his “community service” and his forfeiture of his $10,000 bond.


In response to all the backlash this case understandably received, especially to ALL the charges being inexplicably dropped against him, an “independent” investigation was launched led by special prosecutor Dan K. Webb who said Jussie’s prosecution, and I quote, “is in the interest of justice”.

I couldn’t agree more!

It probably goes without saying that many-or most-of the media outlets who “defended” Smollett even when his story began to unravel and/or called all of his detractors-again, you guessed it!-RACIST have said next-to-nothing about Smollett’s indictment. For instance, Robin Roberts hasn’t gone on GMA and called his indictment “beautiful” or anything like that.

One thing that gets to me about the Smollett case is that someone could have conceivably been arrested for this. And, if that had happened, whoever got arrested would have become Public Enemy #1 regardless of how innocent they were. It would have made what happened to that Nick Sandmann kid look like a walk in the park. (NickSandmann being, of course, that Covington kid who was falsely accused of “accosting” that Native-American guy who was inexplicably banging a drum in front of him. And, of course, he was wearing a MAGA hat! Coincidence?)

Another thing that gets to me about this case is how there are honest-to-God “hate crimes” and/or assaults that happen all the time in this country that receive nowhere near the “attention” of the Jussie Smollett (alleged) hoax. For instance, in 2011, a Muslim actress named Afshan Azad-who was one of the few “non-Caucasian” actors who starred in the Harry Potter flicks-was viciously assaulted for THREE HOURS by her own brother because she was dating a “non-Muslim” man. However, in spite of the sheer brutality of her assault, very little was said about said assault by the media or on “woke” sites like-again, where else!-Twitter. Not even otherwise “woke” Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling said anything about her assault on Twitter or anywhere else, for that matter. But, there again, if she had been attacked by a MAGA hat-wearing white guy her assault would have undoubtedly become front-page news for WEEKS.

Just saying!

But, whatever ends up happening to Jussie Smollett, one GOOD thing that will come out of all this is how he will ALWAYS be known as “Juicy Smoo-yay” thanks to comedian Dave Chappelle!

That’s beautiful, Davey! (See what I did there?”

And, speaking of something that’s “beautiful”, Nick Sandmann recently settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with “media” outlet CNN for falsely accusing him of “accosting” that drum-banging Native-American guy (while, of course, wearing that dreaded MAGA hat!).

I guess there IS some “justice” left in this world after all, huh?



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Tony Banks

Tony Banks writes dirty books under the pen name of Angel Ray that you can, of course, find on Amazon. Twitter username is @SensualNovelist.