G.O.D. (A “Religious” Poem)

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Preachers on T.V., claiming how they’ve found The Way

They say you’d better save your soul, for Christ is coming today

There are so many religions, so many songs

Satan has confused us all, we don’t know right from wrong

I have done some bad in my life, and I’ve also done some good

I would live my life again, if I knew I only could

The mouths of the self-righteous, say that you’re living in sin

But when you destroy what you’re preaching for, how can they ever win

Even the printed Word of God, filled with contradictions and strife

People twist the meanings, claim their way is right

But no one really knows, until when they lay in their grave

Or when Jesus comes back, on the eve of the Judgment Day

But for now I will live, and pray to God that I do not fall

And stare at the picture of Jesus, hanging up on the wall

Tony Banks writes dirty books under the pen name of Angel Ray that you can, of course, find on Amazon. Twitter username is @SensualNovelist.