Are Gingers Sexy? (& A Few Of My Favorite Gingers!)

Let’s face it, gingers-or those with fiery red hair-tend to get a bad rep in this society that tends to favor those with blond hair and blue eyes. There’s even a “Kick A Ginger Day” that was largely “inspired” by the show South Park as demonstrated by the following clip:

I personally find ginger women HOT. And, to show my love (or lust?) for gingers, here is a list of a few of my all-time favorite red-haired women. Enjoy!

Scarlett Johannson

Amy Adams

Isla Fischer

Bryce Dallas Howard

Emma Watson

Emma Roberts

Tanya Roberts

Natalya Rudakova

Kate Walsh

Faye Reagan


Zoey Nixon

Penny Pax

Lexi Belle

Dolly Little

Marie McCray

Karlie Montana

Heather Carolin

Cassandra Peterson a.k.a. Elvira

You may have noticed that about half of the ginger women I’ve listed are not what you’d call a “natural” redhead, which just goes to show how much sexier they would be if they were “natural” redheads (at least in my oh-so-humble opinion!). Also, you might have also noticed about half of the redheads I’ve listed are “adult” film stars. Oh well! Different strokes for different folks! (Emphasis on strokes!)



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Tony Banks

Tony Banks writes dirty books under the pen name of Angel Ray that you can, of course, find on Amazon. Twitter username is @SensualNovelist.