A Parody Of “Imagine” By John Lennon (& My “Reaction” To That Gal Gadot Video!)

Imagine a world with no assholes

You’d like to punch in the eye

No dog shit below us

All the time gettin’ high

Imagine all the people

Screwin’ for today

Wee-hoo Scooby-Doo!

Imagine there’s no bullshit

It’s pretty hard to do

Nothin’ to whine or bitch about

And no damn “wokeness” too

Imagine all the people

Gettin’ a little piece

Wee-hoo Nanu Nanu!

Imagine no used dildos

While you’re sittin’ on the can

No need for mother-effers

A brotherhood of Stans

Imagine all the people

Sharin’ their anal beads

Wee-hoo Husker Du!

You may say I lick beaver

’Cause I’m one big horny one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world can gangbang as one!

I, of course, wrote this parody in “response” to the much-ballyhooed “Imagine” video posted by Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot and a few of her “woke” celebrity friends where they thought it would be a grand idea to sing a song about there being no possessions while sitting in their million-dollar mansions, especially during a time when people were worrying about their livelihoods and even their lives. Actually, I didn’t have as much of an issue with this video as others apparently did, though I can certainly see why people would find it cringey. And, as others have noted, I don’t believe Gal Gadot had any malicious intent posting this video, and I don’t think it would have garnered near the controversy had it been put out at any other time. But this along with other rather cringey celebrity videos (such as Madonna’s infamous bath video where she assures viewers from her luxurious bathroom we’re ALL in this together!) have just made people wish that celebrities for the most part would just STFU since they’re clearly NOT helping anyone. Anyway, as you can imagine (pardon the pun!), there have a lot of reactions to Gal Gadot’s video on sites like YouTube. Here’s one of my personal favorites:

But, if Gal Gadot truly wanted to lift people’s spirits up, she should have posted a video of her doing a sexy striptease! I know that would have gotten MY , uh-hum, spirits up!

But one good thing I can say about Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” video is that at least she DIDN’T feature annoyingly “woke” Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson. Then I would have REALLY gotten pissed!



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Tony Banks

Tony Banks writes dirty books under the pen name of Angel Ray that you can, of course, find on Amazon. Twitter username is @SensualNovelist.